Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe's “no homo” remark has raised eyebrows in the gay community, NBC Sports' Pro Football Talk blog first reported.

Bowe made his remarks while speaking to ESPN's Nick Wright on the What's Wright With Nick Wright radio show Wednesday.

When asked about starting his second season playing with quarterback Matt Cassell, Bowe answered: “It's like an extra year with your girlfriend trying to map things out. You know, those quarterbacks, they're like my girlfriend.”

Bowe then added: “No homo.”

Writing at Outsports.com, a gay blog on all things sport, Jim Buzinski responded: “At least he cleared up his sexual orientation. I wouldn't want anyone to think someone as moronic as Bowe is a homo. It gives us all a bad name.”

Bowe is also in trouble for bragging to ESPN The Magazine that players “imported” women to hotel rooms for sex while traveling on the road.

Last year, the Chiefs cut running back Larry Johnson over gay slurs. Johnson allegedly used gay slurs in public venues twice during a 24-hour period, including telling a reporter in the players locker room to “Get your faggot ass out of here” and insulting a Twitter follower by calling his profile picture a “fag pic” and the follower a “Christopher street boy.”