An Ebay auction of a Charlie Crist portrait suggests the Republican-turned independent is gay.

The item's description puts the Florida governor in the same group as several closeted Republicans who skated out of office amid a gay sex scandal: “This classic work captures the essence of Crist and will complete your portrait collection of political heroes like Larry Craig, Jim McGreevey, Mark Foley and Bob Allen!”

The portrait was posted by a seller with the username “florida_gop,” but a spokeswoman for the Florida Republican Party told the Los Angeles Times that the portrait is not theirs.

“I just found out about that a few minutes ago,” Katie Betta, spokeswoman for the state party, told the paper. “That's not ours.”

The party announced Friday they would be auctioning a portrait of Crist recently removed from the group's headquarters.

“We intend to post our oil painting on Monday,” she added.

The portrait has already attracted the attention of 20 buyers who have bid up the price to $1,625 in its opening day.

Crist, a moderate Republican, announced Friday he would skip a Republican primary and run for the U.S. Senate as an independent. Director Kirby Dick alleged Crist is gay in his 2009 documentary Outrage. Crist, who married Carole Rome in 2008, has denied the rumors.