Directors PJ Raval's and Jay Hodges' story about what makes “sex-change capital of the world” Trinidad, Colorado tick is now available on DVD.

Trinidad premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2008.

The tiny town (pop. 9,000) has drawn thousands to its arid terrain seeking to align their bodies with their minds.

What's the attraction?

Dr. Marci Bowers – often called the “Barack Obama of gender” – is part of the answer. In 2003, Bowers left her family and thriving OB/GYN practice in Seattle to take over the reins of a sex reassignment hospital founded in 1969 by Dr. Stanley Biber.

About half the patients in Bowers' waiting room are female OB/GYN clients. But the other half seek her out for the surgery Bowers – a former father of three – can relate to.

In a 2008 interview, directors Raval and Hodges said they were drawn to the project after hearing about “a town filled with cowboys and transsexuals.”

“We assumed sex change operations occurred in larger metropolitan areas but small town America?” the directors said.

Trinidad also focuses on the inhabitants of the rural town, who mostly support the town's unique distinction in the transgender world.

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