The Air Force announced Monday it will discharge a lesbian officer after all, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The ruling is a reversal of an earlier decision not to fire Lt. Robin R. Chaurasiya after she openly declared she was gay.

Last month, Chaurasiya was not fired under the military's “don't ask, don't tell” policy that prescribes discharge for gay troops who do not remain celibate or closeted because, the Air Force said, she was attempting to avoid military service.

She then spoke to the media about the decision.

General Raymond E. Johns Jr. reversed the decision, and recommended Chaurasiya be honorably discharged. Air Force Secretary Michael Donley will make a final decision.

“I am kind of heartbroken,” she told the paper. “I felt my situation was hinting at changes. I really thought I would be able to lead the way for a more equal military.”

According to Chaurasiya, the Air Force dismissed a complaint from a male former officer she once dated who told her commanding officer that she was a lesbian. After the incident, she decided to announce she was a lesbian.

She then entered into a civil union with her partner in New Hampshire last December.

Chaurasiya said she would return to Chicago after she is discharged.