Tulsa police say gay activist Keith Kimmel was physically and verbally aggressive during an arrest just days before he was found dead, local ABC affiliate KTUL reported.

Kimmel was found dead Wednesday morning by a friend who wrote on Kimmel's Facebook page: “There is no way easy to say this. Keith has been staying with me for a few days, and this morning at 7:45AM I found him dead in my living room chair.”

Kimmel first made headlines last year when he sued the Oklahoma Tax Commission for refusing his request for a personalized 'IM GAY' license plate. He said the right to display his sexuality on a license plate was protected free speech and noted that the state had issued similar plates for straight people, including 'STR8SXI' and 'STR8FAN.'

Two days before his death, Kimmel filed a complaint against Tulsa police in which he claimed that officers called to the scene over the weekend to break up a fight at The End Up Club, a gay stripped bar, “beat him,” made “crude comments about my weight” and “several derogatory remarks were made with regard to my sexual orientation and the entertainers and/or patrons of the bar.”

He called the incident a “blatant hate crime” in the complaint.

“From the onset, point of contact, he was verbally aggressive, physically aggressive and resistant at that point,” Jason Willingham from the Tulsa Police Department told the news channel.

Kimmel was taken into custody but never booked. Officers instead drove him to St. John Medical Center.

In his complaint, Kimmel includes various photographs of injuries he sustained, including a foot-long bruise on his stomach.

An autopsy has been ordered to determine the cause of death.