Former professional wrestler Chris Kanyon (real name Chris Klucsaritis) is dead at 40.

Kanyon is believed to have died from a drug overdose Friday in his Queens, New York apartment, according to multiple Internet reports. He suffered from bipolar disorder and bouts of depression.

In the late 90s, Kanyon wrestled in the WCW, then moved on to the WWE until his retirement from professional wrestling in 2004. Kanyon continued on the independent circuit for a couple more years.

The six-foot-four wrestler debuted in 1997 in a tag team called Men at Work that included Mark Starr. The men worked the crowd as two construction workers and appeared in the ring wearing overalls. Kanyon would often be seen taking measurements with a tape measure.

In 2006, Kanyon alleged the WWE released him because he was gay, a statement he later recanted, saying he was really straight. Kanyon, however, later acknowledged he was gay.