Foreign Office Minister Chris Bryant will be the first openly gay MP to tie the knot in Britain's Houses of Parliament, the Guardian reported.

The weekend wedding, however, will not take place in the Chapel of St. Mary – as is customary for marriages – because gay couples cannot marry in England and civil partnerships are not allowed in church.

Bryant and his partner Jared Cranney will instead hold Saturday's ceremony in the members' dining room, which overlooks the Thames river.

“When I was born, it was illegal to be gay in Britain and until the last 13 years progress was painfully slow,” Byant told the paper. “Jared and I are really looking forward to getting married in Parliament, as so many straight couples have before us, because it's Parliament that has made it possible.”

“Some people talk of 'broken Britain', but Britain is in many ways an infinitely better place than it was 13 years ago, when we didn't even have an equal age of consent,” he adds. “I saw [gay activist] Peter Tatchell's 1996 list of what had to be achieved by a Labour government – civil partnerships, gays in the military, adoption, equal age of consent – and every single one of them has been done. Civil partnerships are symbolic of the social change Labour has brought about.”

Bryant was first elected Member of Parliament for Rhondda in 2001.