Mexican singer Paquita la del Barrio says she'll apologize for her remarks against gay adoption on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The singer created a whirlwind of controversy last week when she said she'd rather see a child die on the streets than be adopted by a gay or lesbian couple.

She broke into a reporter's hypothetical question about whether it would be better if a child is adopted by a gay couple or die on the streets alone with: “It's better that the child die.”

“Yes, because if I had a son, I would never be at peace if he was with them,” she added.

Paquita took on the topic of gay adoption as Mexico City's landmark gay marriage law – which removed a previous prohibition on gay adoption – went into effect.

Gay rights groups have called on Paquita for an apology.

She says she'll do just that Tuesday afternoon at Spartacus, a popular gay disco in Ciudad Nezahaulcoyotl, a large Mexico City suburb, where she'll hold a press conference and concert.