Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley has endorsed Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler's favorable opinion on gay marriage.

O'Malley made his remarks Wednesday on DC-based WTOP's Ask the Governor radio show.

Gansler's February 24 opinion concludes that Maryland's highest court is likely to decide in favor of recognizing gay marriages performed in other states. State agencies are expected to follow the opinion and recognize the marriages of gay couples performed in other jurisdictions over the objection of a state law that bans such unions. The opinion arrived a week before a gay marriage law took effect in neighboring District of Columbia on March 3.

“The question is should our state recognize contracts entered into in other jurisdictions,” O'Malley answered when asked about the opinion. “And we always have in the past. Not only is it the right legal advice, it's also, I think, the only practical way to go. I mean, with unions being entered into in the District of Columbia, there will no doubt be gay parents who will be raising their children [in Maryland] and in order to make sure that those children have all of the protections in law, I think that Maryland has to recognize unions entered into in other states.”

Republican lawmakers, however, have already indicated that they will attempt several maneuvers to reverse Gansler's opinion, including an attempt to impeach the attorney general.

“We're going to follow the advice. I think it was sound legal reasoning, good policy,” O'Malley added.