Five days after Republican California Senator Roy Ashburn admitted he's gay, the nation's two largest gay GOP groups have kept mostly silent on the issue, neither willing to call out the senator on his long anti-gay record.

Log Cabin Republicans Spokesman Charles Moran appeared on Oakland, California-based Fox affiliate KTVU Wednesday night to voice the group's reaction, but failed to condemn Ashburn's career-long hypocrisy.

Ashburn's sexuality has been under the microscope since his March 3 arrest on suspicion of drunk driving after leaving a popular Sacramento gay bar. On Monday, the conservative lawmaker and father of four told talk show host Inga Banks: “I am gay.” Social conservatives immediately asked for Ashburn's resignation, while Republicans appear prepared to give the 55-year-old politician a pass.

In the interview, Moran suggested that he was OK with Ashburn's conflicting message of being a gay man while voting and speaking out against gay rights measures.

Moran said that every gay and lesbian person should come out in their own time, then added, “unfortunately, this situation prompted a bit of an untimely and unprepared coming out process,” for Ashburn.

And Moran implied that the political culture was responsible for Ashburn's apparent double life: “There are some serious ramifications and a lot of discussions about his voting history on a lot of these issues, but also a greater discussion about the culture in politics that really forces people on the left and on the right to feel like they need to hide their sexual orientation to be successful in politics.”

GOProud, another gay group that supports Republicans, remained silent about Ashburn, but felt free to take a swipe at former Democratic Representative Eric Massa, who resigned his seat last week amid allegations that he groped a male staffer. On the group's Facebook page, Jimmy LaSalvia, the group's executive director, commented: “Democrat closet case scandal details coming soon.”

Both groups have previously said that gay rights come secondary to conservative values. Log Cabin Republicans endorsed the 2008 presidential campaign of Arizona Senator John McCain despite his staunch support for “don't ask, don't tell,” the 1993 law that forbids gay troops from serving openly, and state constitutional amendments that ban gay marriage.