GLAAD Media Award-winner Kathy Griffin will make her dramatic debut as a lesbian rights activist on NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Wednesday.

Griffin, a comedian and ardent gay rights ally, is the star of cable channel Bravo's reality series My Life On The D-List.

“What brings Kathy Griffin to SUV? As my mother calls it, a gritty cop drama about a Jeep Cherokee and how much gas it can get per mile,” Griffin said in a interview posted on the NBC website.

Griffin, a long-time gay icon, will guest star as Babs Duffy, a lesbian activists, in the March 3 episode titled P.C.

“This is an episode that they actually wrote for me. So it's a very A-list moment for me in my D-list life,” she said.

“They described her to me as a lesbian Al Sharpton. Which as a model is how I expect the world to see me. And it's what I see when I look in the mirror. And it's probably what Al Sharpton sees when he looks in the mirror – that's the weird part,” Griffin added.

In 2008, the 49-year-old funnywoman campaigned in favor of gay marriage on D-List.

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