The administration of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has proposed expanding a law dubbed “Don't Say Gay” by its critics.

The current law took effect in July. It prohibits classroom “instruction” on sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-3 and restricts discussion on such topics in grades 4-12.

The DeSantis administration has proposed expanding the law to include all grades.

According to the AP, such a move would not require legislative approval.

The White House condemned the proposal as “utterly wrong.”

“It's wrong, it's completely, utterly wrong,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, calling it “part of a disturbing and dangerous trend that we're seeing across the nation” of targeting the LGBTQ community.

Former Florida Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith, the first openly LGBTQ Latin person elected to the Florida Legislature, tweeted: “It was never, ever, ever, ever, about kindergarten thru 3rd grade. It was always about demonizing us and censoring LGBTQ people out of existence in our schools.”

The state Board of Education, which is led by a DeSantis appointee, has scheduled a vote next month on the proposal.