Karamo Brown's syndicated talk show Karamo will return for a second season.

“It's official!!!” Brown said in an Instagram post. “The @karamoshow is coming back for Season 2 nation wide!”

Brown, the culture guy on Netflix's Queer Eye, has previously said that his “dream since a child has been to help people.”

He told Variety that hosting a talk show was his “ultimate goal.”

“My ultimate goal since day one. Only thing that I ever wanted. Only thing. Everything was always with the purpose of, how can I get here? And to know that we got there – we got a second season.”

“Gayle King was like, 'The talk show graveyard is real after Season 1.' And she was like, 'I pray that you don’t come in that graveyard with me.' It put a fear in my mind, even though when she said that she was encouraging. Everyone’s been encouraging and the audience received it and it got picked it up,” he said.

Brown also reiterated that he hopes for more Queer Eye.

“Please let there be 40 more seasons of Queer Eye,” Brown said.

“Also, Queer Eye was a training ground for me to do what I’m doing here. It allowed me to really work on my skills to make sure I knew what I was doing and to make sure I was having those breakthroughs before I even knew I could do it on my own talk show. We’re praying and we’re hoping that fans will write in because I don’t think any reality show on Netflix has ran past eight seasons, so we’re going to be the longest. We want to keep going,” he said.