In a recent interview, out actor Luke Evans weighed in on the debate on straight actors playing gay roles.

The 43-year-old Welsh actor has appeared in The Hobbit films and the live-action version of The Beauty and the Beast. Evans has joined the cast of Good Grief, Dan Levy's directorial debut film.

Speaking with UK daily The Telegraph, Evans said that he disagrees with Russell T. Davies' assertion that queer characters should be played by gay actors.

“I'm not sure about that,” Evans said.

“Gay people have definitely missed out on gay roles, for sure. Russell spoke very powerfully, passionately, about this point. I get it, and I totally think that things do need to change.”

“But from my perspective: firstly, I wouldn’t have had a career if gay people played gay roles and straight people played straight roles. I’d have played two roles out of the 36 projects I’ve worked on, or whatever [the number] is.”

“The right person gets the job. Talent and ability, and a bit of luck and timing?… That should be the reason why you get a job. It shouldn’t have anything to do with anything else,” Evans added.