Out actor Russell Tovey recently discussed his decision to publicly come out as gay.

The 40-year-old British actor is best known in the U.S. for playing Kevin Matheson in the HBO gay drama Looking and Harry Doyle in the ABC series Quantico.

Tovey has joined the cast of the FX horror anthology series American Horror Story: New York City. In the series, Tovey plays a closeted NYPD detective. The cast also includes Joe Mantello, Zachary Quinto, Charlie Carver and Patti LuPone.

During a recent appearance on the Just For Variety podcast, Tovey told host Mark Malkin about being advised not to come out gay.

“I remember thinking, ‘I’m hearing you. Thank you very much. I appreciate your advice, but I’m going to do this because this feels authentic to me.'” Tovey said. “This feels important to me. It feels important to my life outside of my pretend life of playing all these characters. I have to have the stability to know who I am outside of this.”

“I don’t regret it on any level because my career has taken me somewhere really exciting. And I’ve played so many queer guys, queer characters that have brought me so much joy and I feel like have brought a lot of people joy and changed, set the dial somewhere else for people,” he added.

Tovey also talked about filming a sex scene with Zach Meiser, who is straight, in American Horror Story: New York City.

“There is an anxiety that kicks in that you go, ‘This is a straight guy, I’m a gay guy, openly, and we’re going to be kissing now.’ And we did it and then his tongue slipped in and then they cut and he went to me, ‘I just slipped my tongue in there…Is that all right?’ I said, ‘If it’s all right with you,'” Tovey said.

“The next time [filmed the scene], I was like, ‘This guy is up for it! This guy’s committed. I absolutely love this, let’s go for it!’ So then we are like eating each other’s face, tongue in each other’s face. At one point I thought, ‘I’m going to spit in his mouth. No, don’t do that. That’s too much.’ I had to hold back. That’s when you get in trouble,” he said.