A large majority of Cuban voters on Sunday approved a new family code that extends marriage and adoption rights to gay and lesbian couples.

According to Granma, the Cuban Communist Party's official news outlet, 66.9 percent of voters approved the new family code.

The Cuban government removed a marriage equality amendment from the island nation's new constitution approved by voters in 2018. Religious groups had publicly criticized the inclusion of the amendment.

Mariela Castro, the daughter of former Communist Party chief Raul Castro and the director of Cuba's National Center for Sex Education, a state-funded agency that promotes LGBTQ rights, pushed for inclusion of the same-sex marriage amendment. On Sunday, she posted a photo of herself on social media voting for the new family code in the Cuban capital of Havana.

“I voted yes for Cuban families, for a socialist Cuba, for the world’s most revolutionary and humanist family code, for a socialist state built upon rights and social justice that recognizes and protects all families,” said Castro.

Castro's work as an LGBTQ rights activist is profiled in the HBO documentary Mariela Castro's March: Cuba's LGBT Revolution.

Under Fidel Castro's regime, gay and bisexual men and women were considered “ideological deviants” and were often jailed. The government at one time also held Cubans with HIV/AIDS in camps.