Former soccer star Thomas Beattie reflected on his coming out two years ago.

Beattie, who played for teams in North America, Europe, and Asia, came out two years ago in an Instagram post and an ESPN essay.

In an Instagram post, Beattie, 35, said that he had joined Common Goal's Play Proud campaign, which aims to create “safe sporting spaces for LGBTQ+ communities across the world.”

“It's been exactly 2 years since I made the decision to share my identity and talk openly about my truth,” Beattie wrote. “It's such a liberating feeling being able to live as my authentic self and so this Pride month, I'm excited to announce I've joined @commongoalorg and am supporting Play Proud.”

“I’ve found a real sense of purpose in being the person I wish I had around when I was playing. Football gave me so much. I owe a lot of who I am to the game that shaped me and being able to support athletes suffering in silence is my way of trying to leave the game a little better than it was when I entered it!”

"For anyone struggling in silence, just know that one day you will be embraced by a whole community of people who are waiting to welcome you with open arms,” he added.

Beattie was forced to retired from professional soccer at age 29 after a 10-year career when he suffered a life-threatening head injury in 2015.