Streaming network Peacock will begin streaming its much-anticipated Queer as Folk reboot on Thursday.

Premiering in 1999 on Britain's Channel 4, Queer as Folk followed three gay men living in Manchester's gay village. Showtime's 5-season version took place in Pittsburgh.

Peacock's take on the show takes place in New Orleans.

This new version of the show was created by Stephen Dunn, who worked on Apple TV+'s Little America and is adapting the novel Yes, Daddy for Amazon Prime.

According to the show's synopsis, the lives of a diverse group of friends are “transformed in the aftermath of a tragedy.”

The trailer hints at an Orlando Pulse nightclub-like shooting as the transforming tragedy.

Dunn said that his series is “about people who live vibrant, vital, unapologetically queer lives.”

Queer as Folk stars Devin Way, who plays a medical school dropout who is afraid of commitment, Fin Argus, who plays a “cocky highschooler,” Jesse James Keitel, who plays a transgender, semi-reformed party girl, Johnny Sibilly, who plays a successful lawyer, and Ryan O'Connell, who plays a pop culture nerd with cerebral palsy. O'Connell also served as a writer and co-executive producer on the series.