NSYNC alum Lance Bass said in a recent interview that his worst fear surrounding coming out gay was his parents' disapproval.

The 43-year-old Bass came out in 2006 on the cover of PEOPLE magazine.

He and husband Michael Turchin are raising two children born via surrogate.

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Speaking with People Parents, Bass said that he “went through a major depression for years” before he came out.

“I went through a major depression for years – and to this day, I still struggle,” Bass said. “Do I have PTSD from hiding a secret for as long as I did? I don't know. I don't know exactly what damage was caused by staying in the closet.”

Bass said that he feared his parents would reject him if he came out to them.

“The last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt my family. I was terrified of losing them. You hear so many horror stories – especially in the South – of families rejecting their gay kids,” he said.

Bass came out to his mother, Diane, before his public coming out.

“My mom was surprised, and she had to go through all of the emotions. It's almost like a feeling of loss, like someone has died,” Bass said. “You know, a huge part of me did die – that character I created died, and I was finally able to be my true self. Up until then I'd been lying and hiding.”

“She was just really emotional and needed to get her thoughts together.”

“I would catch her reading these really horrible, demonizing books [against gays], and I'd throw them in the trash. Once she realized there was a lot of false information out there, she started talking to different pastors that accepted gay people.”

Diane and Bass' father, Jim, left their congregation for one that was more accepting.

“Not only has she accepted the fact that I'm gay, but she celebrates it,” Bass said. “The world has so much to learn from her.”