The Roku Channel is streaming the pilot for an all-lesbian makeover comedy show titled Butch Pal for the Straight Gal.

Ally Johnson told LGBTQ glossy The Advocate that she came up with the idea for the show while watching Netflix's Queer Eye.

“[It] wasn’t a pandemic project, but it was definitely a project that came out of having way too much time on my hands,” Johnson said. “I had just been fired from my job at a radio station, and I started watching the new Queer Eye reboot while crying over my Fruit Loops. Then I thought to myself, ‘why has a female version of this show never existed? What would it be like? Would it just be a bunch of lesbians telling straight women to adopt a pit bull and go hiking?’ Then I thought, ‘that’s exactly what it would be, and that’s awesome.’”

Johnson – who wrote and stars in the show – raised funding for her idea on Kickstarter.

“What I didn’t anticipate was how many people were dying for a show like this to exist. Queer women are vastly underrepresented in the industry, especially in the comedy genre, and we were able to raise $30,000 just by crowdfunding the IDEA of Butch Pal. Then, of course, we actually had to make it,” said Johnson.

The show models after Queer Eye in that it also focuses on the same five categories of cooking, fashion, culture, grooming and design. Instead of the Fab Five, the show features the Fierce Five, who are Leslie (played by Mav Viola), Rei (Johnson), Moana (Teresa Lee), Teagan (Lauren Flans), and Sam (Mandahla Rose). Comedian Dot-Marie Jones plays Aunt Paula.

Johnson added that a full season of Butch Pal could be in the offing.

“If the pilot performs well on The Roku Channel there is a strong possibility that more episodes come your way in the future,” Johnson said. “We want that, our fans want that, and I’m pretty sure if I talked to God she’d want that too. So, go watch it & go tell your friends! (even the straight ones). Put it this way, there are worse things you can do with 34 minutes of your life.”

The Roku Channel is available for free with ads on Roku devices and on the web.