A Ugandan pastor is exposing churchgoers to gay porn in an effort to shore up support for an anti-gay bill, the BBC reported.

Martin Ssempa, a leading proponent of the bill that prescribes death for repeat offenders of gay sex and those who are HIV-positive, showed gay pornography to about 100 adults during a church service Wednesday.

He said he downloaded the films from the Internet and showed them to parishioners to educate them on gay sex.

“We are in the process of legislation and we have to educate ourselves about what homosexuals do,” Ssempa told the BBC.

The bill slips a tight noose around the necks of gay men, lesbians and their allies. The measure would impose the death penalty for people guilty of “aggravated homosexuality,” which it defines as someone who is HIV-positive, has sex with a minor or is a serial offender. Under the bill it is unlawful to have gay sex, therefore having multiple sexual relationships would put a gay or lesbian Ugandan at risk of being put to death. But the bill also calls for the death of people who never had gay sex. One of the definitions of the “offense of homosexuality” is the touching of another person “with the intention of committing the act of homosexuality.”

In America, a similar measure is called an importuning law, which makes it illegal to hit on someone of the same sex. The Supreme Court has ruled such laws unconstitutional.

Ssempa also said he plans on showing the videos to legislators who'll vote on the law.

Gay rights activists questioned Ssempa's sanity.

“You cannot screen pornographic material to your followers and then want to argue that you are upholding society's morals,” Monica Mbaru, from the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, told the news service.

“I think we are dealing with someone who needs medical help,” she added.

President Obama recently joined the chorus of international leaders who have condemned the law. Obama called the measure “odious.”