HIV/AIDS relief workers are lauding Delta airlines for their assistance delivering aid to Haiti.

On Friday, New York-based AIDS organization Housing Works was forced to abandon eight carry on bags filled with relief supplies for the victims of Haiti's devastating earthquake at JFK airport due to newly adopted baggage limitations. Delta's new policy reduced the number of allowed bags for relief workers from six to one. Fees ranged from $60 to $350 per additional bag depending on the number of bags.

Supplies left behind included hydrating liquids, syringes, pain medication, intravenous medication and gloves, the group said.

In a statement released Friday, the group called the new policy “cruel, inhumane and shortsighted.”

“Delta's baggage fee policy is a slap in the face to the millions of Haitians who have just been through one of the worst catastrophes in the history of mankind,” Charles King, president and CEO of Housing Works, said.

“I call on the humanity of the Delta corporation to support the flow of aid to Haiti by changing its fee policy on relief aids.”

Delta immediately agreed to deliver the supplies left behind in New York.

“Delta is committed to supporting the relief effort and we will consistently do all that we can to support agencies trying to get relief to Haiti,” Delta Director of External Affairs Scarlet Pressley Brown told the group.

Housing Works lauded the airline's swift action.

“I applaud Delta for recognizing the urgent importance of rebuilding Haiti and helping us deliver critical help to Haitian families and people living with HIV,” King said.

The group says it is involved in Haiti relief efforts because previous disaster relief programs had done little to address the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. Haiti, King said, has the worst HIV/AIDS rate in the Western hemisphere.