Florida lawmakers have advanced a bill that would strip Disney of its self-government.

Republican Representative Randy Fine told Florida Politics that the measure was a response to Disney's support for LGBTQ rights, specifically its vow to work to repeal a law dubbed “Don't Say Gay” by its opponents.

“When you poke the bear or you kick the bees' nest, sometimes issues come out,” Fine say, referring to Governor Ron DeSantis as the bear.

Fine's proposal, House Bill 3C, cleared the House State Affairs Committee 14-7 along party lines. A Senate version, Senate Bill 4C, cleared the Senate Community Affairs Committee also along party lines.

Walt Disney World mostly governs itself under an entity created by the state in 1967. Under the arrangement, Disney pays for these costs, including police. Under the proposed legislation, the financial burden would shift to the county.

In a tweet, Fine said that his legislation was a reminder that Disney is “a guest in Florida.”

“@GovDeSantis just expanded the Special Session so I could file HB3C which eliminates Reedy Creek Improvement District, a 50 yr-old special statute that makes Disney … exempt from laws faced by regular Floridians,” Fine wrote.

Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith, an openly gay Democrat, argued that the measure was about vengeance against Disney.

“We've pulled the rug out from underneath all of the workers and businesses and we're pulling the rug out from underneath Central Florida's economy, all because one business had the gall to stand up for the LGBTQ community,” he said. “That's what this is all about.”

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Lawmakers could approve the bill as early as Thursday.