In a recent interview, actor Noah Reid criticized anti-LGBTQ laws being approved by Republicans in conservative states.

Reid is best known for playing a gay character on the Emmy-winning comedy Schitt's Creek.

Speaking with The Daily Beast, Reid called such laws “anti-human.”

“I think it is anti-human,” the Canadian actor said. “And I think it's very sad that in this country where people are obsessed with freedom there seems to be a cognitive disconnect around who gets to experience freedom.”

“But I have hope and faith that the people will be the deciding factor in these matters, and that we will overcome these draconian, ridiculous pursuits of hate and intolerance,” he added.

Reid, who on Sunday made his Broadway debut starring in The Minutes from playwright Tracy Letts and director Anna D. Shapiro, also discussed this Schitt's Creek relationship with Dan Levy, the show's star and co-creator.

“When I was approaching the character, I thought it would be mistake to 'play gay,'" he said of playing Patrick. "I thought, 'What I can play is a man who falls in love with another man, and build that connection into the character.' I can fall in love with another person, for sure. I think all of us can.”

"Dan made that very easy. We have a natural chemistry, and we're good friends to this day. It was incredible to have such a front-row seat to the sculpting of that relationship and the way it impacted people.”

"Some of the storylines – like Patrick coming out to his parents and even that first kiss moment – were very carefully constructed with a lot of love and tenderness," Reid said. "It was intended to be, and ended up being, a ray of light for people. And that representation is incredibly meaningful. We've seen a lot of stories about how difficult it is to come out, and that coming-out story was a beautiful repurposing of that experience and that narrative."

Reid can also be seen in Amazon's Outer Range, which premiered on Friday.