During a recent television interview, actress Anne Hathaway criticized a Florida bill dubbed “Don't Say Gay.”

House Bill 1557 prohibits schools for children in kindergarten through grade 3 from engaging in “instruction” about sexual orientation and gender identity. It also restricts the topic throughout the education system and allows parents to sue school districts. While Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has signaled his support for the legislation, he has yet to sign it into law.

Appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show last week, Hathaway said it was important to “keep saying gay and Florida” to raise awareness of the legislation.

As Clarkson asked Hathaway to demonstrate her “special way of eating cupcakes,” Hathaway said of her rainbow cupcake: “I'm kind of feeling; I'm in a rainbow mood. I feel like we should just keep saying gay and Florida and we should wear as much rainbow as possible while this idiocy is being debated.”

Hathaway then ripped off the bottom half of her cupcake and placed it on top of the frosting.

“And then you have a sandwich and you don't get frosting up your nose,” she said before devouring her cupcake.