Utah Governor Spencer Cox, a Republican, has vetoed a bill that bans transgender youth from playing on sports teams that match their gender identity.

House Bill 11 prohibits “a student of the male sex from competing against another school on a team designated for female students.” The legislation defines “sex” as being determined “at birth.”

Cox is the second Republican governor this month to reject such legislation. Earlier this week, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb vetoed a similar bill.

In a letter addressed to lawmakers, Cox defended his decision to veto the measure.

“HB11 has several fundamental flaws and should be reconsidered,” Cox wrote.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, lawmakers are expected to meet on Friday to attempt an override of Cox's veto.

Cox announced his decision to veto anti-transgender legislation earlier this month and encouraged lawmakers to spend time with transgender youth.

“These kids are, they are just trying to stay alive,” he said.

Eleven Republican-led states have approved similar bans, including Idaho, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia.