In an Instagram post, actress Busy Philipps asked her followers to “show up” for the LGBTQ community as numerous GOP-led states propose anti-LGBTQ bills.

A majority of the bills target transgender youth.

Philipps, who currently stars in the Peacock series Girls5eva, made her plea in an Instagram post that featured a photo of herself and her daughter Birdie Leigh, 13, who is gay and uses they/them pronouns.

“Quick. What do you call a parent who’s supportive of who their kid is?” Philipps rhetorically asked. “A parent. That’s all.”

“Show up. Be supportive. Amplify. Be loud. Because it might be your kid someday.”

“But even if it's not, what would it say about you if you only care about kids like your own? #transrights #transkidsmatter #transrightsarehumanrights,” she added.

Philipps also asked her followers to support LGBTQ rights activists such as Chris Mosier, Kai Shappley, ALOK, Adri Pére, and Jeffrey Marsh.