A gay couple raising two young children were the first to marry in Chile on Thursday after a same-sex marriage law took effect.

Javier Silva and Jaime Nazar were the first to marry, Reuters reported. The men have been together for seven years and entered a civil union three years ago.

“Being the first couple to get married in Chile for us is an honor, something to be proud of,” Silva told reporters. “We did it! It's something we didn't think could happen.”

“Now our children have the same rights [as heterosexual families] and they will be able to have, we hope, a better future, that they will not be discriminated against for having two parents who love each other,” he added.

Former President Michelle Bachelet, the first woman to hold the Chilean presidency and the current U.N. high commissioner for human rights, introduced a same-sex marriage bill in 2017, roughly two years after the nation introduced civil unions for gay and straight couples who have lived together for more than one year.

Marriage legislation returned to the spotlight with the support of former President Sebastian Piñera, who originally backed civil unions. Piñera signed the marriage law last year.

Nazar said that the legislation showed Chile had “a promising future as a country.”

Gay couples can marry in neighboring Argentina. Other South American nations with same-sex marriage include Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, and Uruguay.