Opponents of Lincoln, Nebraska's LGBTQ protections ordinance have gathered enough signatures to put it on the ballot this November or be rescinded.

Opponents gathered more than four times the needed signatures to require the Lincoln City Council to rescind or put the ordinance on the ballot. According to organizers of the “Let Us Vote” referendum initiative, 18,501 voters signed petitions against the city's Fairness Ordinance, which extends discrimination protections to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

The effort is being organized by the Nebraska Family Alliance.

“We want Lincoln to be a fair and welcoming place for all people,” the group said in a statement. “Unfortunately, there was nothing fair about the ordinance passed by the city council.”

According to The Christian Post, the Nebraska Family Alliance launched its repeal effort on February 15, the day after the ordinance was approved.

The ACLU of Nebraska said in a statement that it would work to defend the ordinance.

“We’re proud to support this ordinance along with Lincoln’s business leaders, religious communities, young professionals and community organizations,” said Sara Rips, legal and policy counsel at ACLU of Nebraska. “It’s unfortunate that a vocal fraction of our community has chosen to use harmful and hateful misinformation to divide our city in an attempt to turn the clock back on basic human rights. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly on the job, when creating a home for themselves and their families, and in public life. We are ready to work to ensure Lincoln supports equality and to make sure no one in our community is left behind.”