RuPaul's Drag Race contestants Bosco and Jasmine Kennedie have come out as transgender.

Both opened up about their gender journey on Friday's episode of Untucked.

“I've definitely thought about transitioning,” Bosco said, adding that during the pandemic she was forced to go without her drag persona.

Since the show's airing, Bosco announced on social media that she is transgender.

Kennedie said that she had been on the brink of transitioning before joining Drag Race.

"Before coming here I was about to start hormones," she said in tears. "And coming here I was scared and I didn't want to have to go through this process while going through that. But seeing Kerri [Colby] and seeing how confident she is in who she is, it just further affirmed what I've been feeling my whole life."

"I definitely feel like I am trans. I've been so scared to say it. I have held back from it for so long because I didn't want to hurt my dad but I can't lie about it anymore.

"I am trans,” she added.

In a letter posted on social media, Kennedie said that she “couldn't be happier” and thanked Kerri Colby for giving her the courage to come out.