Out model and actress Cara Delevingne said in a recent interview that she wishes she had LGBTQ role models growing up.

Speaking with Harper's Bazaar UK, Delevingne, who identifies as pansexual, said that her experience coming out motivates her to help LGBTQ youth come to terms with their identity.

“The one thing I'm happy about growing up queer and fighting it and hiding it is it gives me so much fire and drive to try to make people's lives easier in some way by talking about it,” she said.

In an interview last year, Delevingne revealed that she struggled with her sexuality.

“I grew up in an old-fashioned household,” she told Gwyneth Paltrow during an appearance on her Goop podcast. “I didn't know anyone who was gay. The idea of being [with] same-sex [partners], I was disgusted by that, in myself.”

In her Bazaar interview, Delevingne lamented the lack of LGBTQ role models she had growing up.

“I do think I would have hated myself less, I would have not been so ashamed, If I'd had someone,” she said.

Delevingne also said that she struggled with depression as her modeling career consumed her life.

The 29-year-old Delevingne is currently working on a documentary with the BBC that explores gender identity and sexuality.