Voters in Chile on Sunday elected Gabriel Boric as their next president.

At 35-years-old, Boric, a former student activist, will become Chile's youngest president when he takes office in March.

With 55.9% of the vote, Boric defeated far-right candidate Jose Antonio Kast in a second round of the presidential election.

Boric will replace outgoing President Sebastian Piñera, a conservative billionaire.

“I am going to be the president of all Chileans,” Boric is quoted as saying by Al Jazeera.

"We have an enormous challenge,” Boric said. “I know that in the coming years, the future of our country is at stake, so I guarantee that I will be a president who cares for democracy and does not risk it, listens more than speaks, seeks unity, and attends to the needs of the people daily."

Several outlets have reported that Boric is an ally to Chile's LGBT community.

Earlier this month, Piñera signed a same-sex marriage law, making Chile the 31st nation to extend marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples. The legislation takes effect in March.