With the start of the 2022 Winter Olympics just weeks away, Olympian Gus Kenworthy shared ongoing health issues that could impact his participation in the games.

In an Instagram post, Kenworthy revealed he was recovering from a breakthrough COVID-19 case and a concussion.

“Six weeks ago I got a pretty bad concussion while at a training camp in Switzerland,” Kenworthy said. “Because I’ve had a few serious TBI’s (traumatic brain injuries) in recent years the seriousness of each added concussion has been stressed to me [sic].”

"I took two full weeks off and followed all of the SafeSport steps to return to snow. However only two days after getting back on skis I started feeling really sick: fever, chills, etc. I took a COVID test and to my surprise it was positive. Despite being fully vaccinated I had caught a breakthrough case.”

“[I]n the weeks since, I've had some ongoing issues with my head. Any time I've tried to workout or gotten my heart rate up I've become very light-headed, disoriented and nauseous,” he said.

Kenworthy explained that doctors believe he is suffering from residual effects from his infection. He added that dizziness and disorientation forced him to withdraw from a World Cup event in Colorado.

The 30-year-old freestyle skier came out on the cover of ESPN Magazine following his silver medal win at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Four years later, during the Winter Games in South Korea, Kenworthy made headlines when he kissed his then-boyfriend Matt Wilkas after a run.

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With the Winter Olympics starting on February 4 in Beijing, Kenworthy said that he remains optimistic that he can compete.

“With the Olympics less than two months away I’m incredibly frustrated but trying to stay positive and hopeful that this will pass,” he said. “Not sure what else I can do but wait.”