A bill that would prohibit therapies that attempt to alter the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBT individuals has cleared France's National Assembly.

Such therapies go by names such as “conversion therapy,” “reparative therapy,” “sexual orientation change efforts” or “ex-gay therapy.”

Lawmakers voted unanimously for the bill last Tuesday, French LGBT glossy Têtu reported.

Under the proposed law, violators would face up to three years in prison and a nearly $52,000 fine. Higher prison terms and fines would be imposed when a minor is involved.

In some instances, practitioners could lose their medical license for up to 10 years.

Opponents of such therapies say they are especially harmful to children.

The French Senate will vote on the bill next.

Dozens of states and municipalities in the United States have enacted similar laws, though the penalties are not as harsh. Additionally, these laws mostly only apply to minors.

Finland, New Zealand, and Canada are also considering prohibiting conversion therapy.