Colombia's first and only openly gay congressman will seek a second term in 2022.

Congressman Mauricio Toro, 38, was first elected in 2018.

“I think that I will be re-elected to the House of Representatives,” Toro told the Washington Blade during a Zoom interview from Bogotá.

Senator Angélica Lozano, who is bisexual, is the only other openly LGBT person in the Congress. Toro and Lozano are members of the Green Alliance party.

While gay and lesbian couples can legally marry in Colombia and transgender individuals can change their gender on government-issued documents, Toro suggested LGBT rights in Colombia were weak because they were won in the courts.

“They have been give to us on paper,” he said. “What's the problem? It is the implementation of them because these rights have not been won through the Congress.”

“A law is much more explicit because a law has defined chapters and articles and defines the mechanisms of how a right should be applied and the same government is assigned the duty of regulating each of these applications,” he said.

Toro added that as the only openly gay congressman in Colombia he's “very alone.”

“We are around 300 [in the Congress],” he said. “I am fighting for our community’s flag, but with the support and encouragement of members of other parties that understand that this is a fight for equality, even though they are heterosexual.”