In a recent interview with ESPN, Kieran Lovegrove, a minor league baseball player, came out as bisexual.

Lovegrove, 27, is a member of the Double-A Rocket City Trash Pandas (Los Angeles Angels) and a former third-round draft pick by the Cleveland Indians. He said he plans to retire after 2021.

ESPN's story mostly focused on the poor conditions minor league players face.

Lovegrove said that he distanced himself from his family and teammates while in the closet. He started coming out to people in 2019.

“Baseball is a game of statistics,” he said. “And if you want to tell me that I'm the only queer person in baseball, I'm just not going to agree with you. Someone is terrified because it's a terrifying prospect to come out. I do encourage any one of them to reach out to me.”

Last month, Bryan Ruby, a third baseman for the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, came out. Ruby and Lovegrove are the only two publicly out players in professional baseball.

Thursday's story was Lovegrove's first public acknowledgment of his sexual orientation.