In a recent interview, actor Jake Gyllenhaal said that Brokeback Mountain helped end the stigma of straight actors playing LGBT roles.

Director Ang Lee's 2005 gay cowboy film starred Gyllenhaal opposite the late Heath Ledger.

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When The Sunday Times asked whether he felt that there would be a “different reaction” to straight actors being cast in the film if it were made today, Gyllenhaal responded, “I don't know. Maybe?”

“Part of the medicine of storytelling is that we were two straight guys playing these parts,” Gyllenhaal explained. “There was a stigma about playing a part like that, you know, why would you do that? And I think it was very important to both of us to break that stigma.”

“People of all different experiences should be playing more roles, that it shouldn't be limited to a small group of people. And I believe that.”

“The reaction from the majority of the gay community when the movie came out, I got this sort of – we both did, everyone in the movie – we got this overwhelming sense of open-heartedness and gratitude,” he added.

Brokeback Mountain was a critical and commercial success.