In a recent interview, Hungary's top diplomat said that it stood firm behind a law that prohibits the promotion of “gay propaganda,” saying that it is needed to protect kids from pedophiles.

The law prohibits the discussion of LGBT issues, including transgenderism and homosexuality, to minors. It is being compared to Russia's 2013 law that prohibits “gay propaganda.” Russia has used the law to silence LGBT activists calling for equal rights.

The European Union has imposed financial penalties and started legal proceedings against Hungary over the law and other policies it says are not aligned with the bloc's values.

Speaking with The Associated Press on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly's meeting of world leaders, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto defended Hungary's actions.

“We do not compromise on these issues because we are a sovereign country, a sovereign nation,” Szijjarto said. “And no one, not even the European Commission, should blackmail us regarding these policies.”

The law, Szijjarto said, is needed to protect children from pedophiles and “homosexual propaganda.”

“We will not make compromises about the future of our children,” he told the AP.

Critics of the law say it conflates pedophilia with homosexuality and is pushing the LGBT community deeper underground.

After the law's passage in June, the EU's executive commission delayed billions in economic recovery funds for Hungary.