In a recent interview, Mj Rodriguez discussed her Emmy nomination for Pose and how she worried the world was not ready for a show with a transgender lead.

Rodriguez earned an Emmy nomination for playing Blanca in Pose, which explores New York City's vibrant ball scene of the 1980s and early 90s.

In a “The Envelope” podcast interview, Rodriguez said that as a transgender actress she was surprised by the Emmy nomination.

“What I think most surprised me about being on this journey and being nominated as – it's kind of crazy to hear myself say it – an outstanding leading actress in a drama series, was being received as an actress, being taken seriously within my craft and actually being accepted,” she said.

“And the awareness of myself as a Afro-Latina trans woman. It’s kind of astounding to me because for so long I had my own insecurities, but I was also subjected to a lot of discrimination, obviously, as a trans woman. So to see the change happen over time and quicker than I expected, I’ve just been so flabbergasted by it and I’m really proud of myself, but I’m also proud of the human race – and actually getting it together and knowing that we as trans women are humans, too, and that we walk this earth just like how they do and that we love like how they do. We have hearts, how they do. We believe, like any other human does. They’re starting to see it and understand it.”

She added that she worried the show would provoke violence and discrimination against the transgender community.

“I was scared because at the time when all of this was happening with auditions, there were still dreadful things that were happening to trans individuals across the globe – murders and just a lot of discrimination that was happening against us,” Rodriguez said. “And I was worried that when this show came out, we were going to get the full onslaught of that. We were going to be told that this show does not need to be on television screens.”

“I was fooled completely ... the love that I got from the people has wowed me... I’m so thankful I was fooled because if it did go the other way, I don’t know how I would have mentally dealt with that,” she said.