NFL player Carl Nassib has for the first time publicly discussed his recent coming out.

In late June, Nassib came out gay on social media, making him the first active NFL player to do so. At the time, he asked the media to give him “some space.”

At a press conference last week, Nassib, who plays for the Las Vegas Raiders, said that reaction to his coming out was “incredible.”

“I was definitely surprised by the big reaction. It was incredible,” Nassib said. “I thought nobody would care. But it was such a good feeling to have all the support. I was glad I could do my part to help bring visibility and representation to my community.”

He said that “very few” people in football knew about his sexuality.

Nassib also explained how he prepared for the announcement.

“I went to the coaches, made sure that they – I wanted to give them a chance to kind of digest, help me in the process. Then I went home, [because I] felt like I wanted to be around family and friends at home to make the announcement.”

He added that he had “zero stress” about how his teammates would react.

“It’s been great. I knew it was gonna be good, I had zero stress about that. Absolutely no worries about it,” he said. “I’ve got a great locker room, great teammates. I’ve been met with nothing but love and support. It’s been incredible. … Football players get a bad rap, but we’re humble, hard-working, accepting people, and this was a great example of that, definitely.”