Out actor Wentworth Miller has shared his autism diagnosis.

Miller, who is best known for playing Michael Scofield on Fox's Prison Break and Assistant District Attorney Isaiah Holmes on NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, came out gay in 2013.

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Miller shared his diagnosis in a lengthy Instagram post.

“Like everyone, life in quarantine took things from me,” Miller, 49, wrote. “But in the quiet/isolation, I found unexpected gifts.”

“This fall marks 1 year since I received my informal autism diagnosis. Preceded by a self-diagnosis. Followed by a formal diagnosis.”

Miller said that the diagnosis was a “shock” but “not a surprise,” adding that “this isn't something I'd change.”

Being autistic “is central to who I am. To everything I've achieved/articulated.”

He signed off by thanking his supporters.

“Oh - I also want to say to the many (many) people who consciously or unconsciously gave me that extra bit of grace + space over the years, allowed me to move thru the world in a way that made sense to me whether or not it made sense to them... thank you,” Miller said.

"And to those who made a different choice... well. People will reveal themselves."

“Another gift,” he concluded.