In its ninth annual report on Hollywood films, GLAAD found zero transgender characters for the fourth year in a row.

“For the fourth year in a row, there were zero transgender and/or non-binary characters counted in the major studio films released,” GLAAD said in a statement announcing the release of its Studio Responsibility Index for 2021.

“[T]his remains one of the more glaring ways mainstream studios continue to lag behind other forms of entertainment media,” the LGBT rights organization said.

GLAAD also found “a complete absence” of storylines about LGBT characters living with HIV in any of the released films.

While the coronavirus pandemic limited the number of films released theatrically in 2020, GLAAD counted 44 movies from major studios released in 2020. Ten (22.7%) of these films included LGBT characters (11 women, 9 men), including Like a Boss, The Broken Hearts Gallery, Fantasy Island, Valley Girl, Freaky, The New Mutants, and Birds of Prey.

“This is a critical time of transformation for Hollywood – challenged to redefine business lines and practices during a global pandemic, driven by an increased demand from consumers hungry for new content, and rocked by the rightful reckoning and pressure for these studios to create more meaningful substantive change in representing and investing in marginalized communities,” said GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “This transformation represents a great opportunity to swiftly accelerate acceptance of LGBTQ stories, break new ground, and invest in queer and trans talent and stories that audiences are eager to watch. Hollywood and the business of storytelling must be more nimble, more creative, more open than ever before.”

GLAAD added that it saw “a welcome increase” in the racial diversity of LGBT characters, with 8 characters (40 percent) of color, an increase of six percent from 2019.

Screen time for LGBT characters also increased significantly, GLAAD said.