Tan France, Queer Eye's fashion guy, has said that he received “really horrible” messages following the news that he and husband Rob are expecting their first child via surrogate.

The couple announced the happy news in April.

During a recent appearance on Moms Like Us, France, 38, discussed the response he received.

“I posted the announcement, and we were inundated with beautiful, beautiful messages,” he said. “But 5 percent, maybe 3 percent, were really horrible. And it was, basically like, ‘This is terrible you’re doing this. Babies should only be conceived naturally.’”

France said that he was “shocked” by the negative comments and wished people “understood the process better.”

“I think that there's a really archaic idea of what surrogacy and IVF is,” he said. “These children, these babies are real babies. The amount of times I hear that they're artificial babies … they are not artificial babies.”

France added that he hopes the surrogate will remain in the child's life.

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Tan and Rob France married twice, first in London and then again in New York City.