A deadly homophobic attack in Spain has sparked protests around the globe.

According to the AP, Samuel Luiz Muñiz, 24, was beaten to death on July 3 by a mob who shouted gay slurs. Luiz was attacked after he and a group of friends left a nightclub in A Coruña in northwest Spain.

Two men and a woman have been detained by police.

Protesters in at least 7 Spanish cities took to the streets to demand justice for Luiz.

Spain has some of the most advanced LGBT rights in the world. The government legalized same-sex marriage and adoption in 2005. A large majority (88% in 2013) of the public supports such rights.

The protests were organized by Fundación Triángulo, an LGBT rights group. In a tweet, the group said that the community had fought too hard to return to being afraid to love.

The hashtag #JusticiaParaSamuel (#JusticeForSamuel) has been trending on social media around the world.