In an interview with PEOPLE, comedian Bowen Yang discussed being sent to “ex-gay” therapy by his parents as a teen.

Yang, who joined Saturday Night Live's writing staff in 2018 and became a cast member the following year, told the New York Times last year that after his parents discovered he was gay at 17 they sent him to a therapist who specialized in altering the sexual orientation of gay youth.

“They just sat me down and yelled at me and said, 'We don't understand this. Where we come from this doesn't happen,'” he said of his parents after they found “lewd conversations” on his AOL Instant Messenger account.

“There was a huge chasm of misunderstanding," Yang said. "Neither side really understood where the other was coming from, and it led to very dangerous situations overall."

Still, "what was always constant was the intention of love from both sides. It pushed me into questioning what it meant, what was protected and what I should be protective about in terms of being a queer person. I don't take it for granted."

Yang, 30, added that his relationship with his parents is in a “healthy place” today and that they are “encouraging in the purest sense” of his career.