Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, who is gay, has criticized Hungary's passage of a law that bans LGBT content in schools.

The bill prohibits the discussion of LGBT issues, including transgenderism and homosexuality, to minors.

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The measure is being compared to Russia's 2013 law that prohibits “gay propaganda.”

Speaking with reporters ahead of talks with his European Union peers in Brussels, Bettel slammed the law as “intolerant.”

“To be considered as not normal. To be considered as [a] danger for young people – it's not realizing that being gay is not a choice. That being tolerant is a choice. I would stay intolerant to intolerance and this would be today my fight,” he said.

Bettel added that he would tell Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban that “what he is doing in his country is intolerant and that being gay is not a choice.”

Orban defended the law, telling reporters that “he's a fighter” for LGBT rights but that the law is about the rights of children and parents.