Financial advisor, author, and podcast host Suze Orman has described her sexuality as a pillar of her success.

Orman, 70, came out publicly as gay in 2007, roughly 12 years after she published her first book. In 2010, she married Kathy “KT” Travis, who is also her business partner.

“I wanted to be known as the money lady who was also a lesbian, [not the lesbian money lady],” Orman told NextAdvisor. “Big difference.”

Her financial advice is the same for gay or straight couples, she said.

“Money has no sexuality, no preference, nothing,” she said.

Orman added that being gay “has been the foundation of my success.”

She explained that what allowed her to be strong in the male-dominated finance industry was growing up gay.

Orman said that she was always open about her sexuality with clients. “I always told people. I just think it's important that you really stand behind your identity against all odds,” she said.

Orman will participate in a one-hour NextAdvisor virtual event celebrating Pride Month on June 24.