Adult film star Francois Sagat covers UK LGBT glossy Attitude's Sex & Sexuality issue.

In the accompanying interview, Sagat, who quickly made his mark in gay porn with his tattooed scalp and muscled physique, said that he was bullied growing up in France.

"I was bullied in high school because I was kind of feminine and I was very tiny,” he said. “I worked on my voice, but I had a very, very girly voice. I tried to be discreet, I didn’t want to be eccentric or whatever, but still people would pick on me because they saw that I was a little bit different.”

"I had a great childhood and family, but I had the worst school years. It was horrible,” he added.

Sagat, 41, who has also appeared in arthouse films such as Bruce LaBruce's L.A. Zombie and Christophe Honore's Man at Bath, said that some of his fans were disappointed when he began playing with gender roles.

“My fans were, like, 50/50 split; some were very disappointed that I was not the masculine beast they wanted me to be. I don’t see myself as masculine; I see myself as in-between,” Sagat said.

"I remember I started to play with genders. I still consider myself as a cis-gender guy, more or less, but I was not afraid to play with my femininity and be in heels or stockings or whatever. That was more interesting to me than the person that I was ‘supposed’ to be.”

“People who have a lot of issues with their own confidence, they just don’t get it – maybe it’s that they’re not comfortable with themselves. You must see yourself as having a range of identities."

"I think there’s variations. I always think about percentage. Sometimes I have my 50 percent of femininity, maybe I’m more rough this week.”

"The beard doesn’t make the man,” he added.