In a new interview, TJ Osborne said that he received more support after coming out gay and less negativity than he expected.

CBS This Morning co-host Anthony Mason spoke with the Brothers Osborne – TJ and brother John – in their hometown of Deale, Maryland.

TJ Osborne, 36, came out gay in February in a TIME cover story.

John Osborne said that he cried when TJ told him he was planning to publicly come out.

“Why were you crying?” Mason asked.

“I was just happy for him. I knew how much it meant to him to feel close enough and vulnerable enough to say that,” John Osborne said.

“Were you worried at all about how this would be taken?” Mason asked TJ.

“I guess I was,” he replied. “And I mean – and I was worried all the way up until the day I did it. But I think once I finally, like, made the decision I was going to, I felt very sure in that. But it's just really the fear of the unknown. Do we lose fans? Also, what I didn't know was how positive it would be. I did not know that.”

“I've had an incredible amount of support. And there's been some people saying some off-color things to me. But it was a lot less than I expected,” he added.

The brothers' father, John Osborne Sr., called his son's coming out day “one of the best days of my life.”