President Joe Biden seeks to increase funding for efforts to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States.

Biden's first budget seeks an increase of $267 million for Ending the HIV Epidemic, an initiative that started under former President Donald Trump. Ending the HIV Epidemic seeks to “eradicate AIDS in 10 years.” Trump said that it would “save the lives of individuals living with HIV by focusing on the cities and states most impacted by the disease.”

The program hopes to reduce HIV infections by covering the cost of PrEP – a once-daily pill that can dramatically reduce a person's risk of acquiring HIV – for uninsured people. Individuals can sign up for the program at or by calling 855-447-8410.

Biden campaigned on ending the domestic HIV epidemic by 2025.

According to the Washington Blade, Trump in his final budget asked Congress for an increase of $412 million for the program. Congress allocated roughly $137 million.

Increasing PrEP adoption has been hampered by its high cost, nearly $2,000 per month. The government has previously said that it negotiated a 90 percent price cut for the drugs.

Other western nations, most recently the UK, have rolled out similar programs aimed at reducing new HIV infections with PrEP.